Thursday, January 1, 2015


I have to confess, I've been in a continual state of frustration lately, because I can't seem to figure things out vocationally.  I have however, for my entire life had dreams that I want to accomplish.  Some of them are as follows:

1. I want to set out with no resources of my own (financial or otherwise) and preach the gospel across the earth, only trusting God to provide for all of our needs.  I have always gravitated to the stories of Christian heroes that I've read who have done this and I long to echo this.

2. I want to open a business that would reflect the principles of the kingdom of God which is coming to earth and to fund activities of the kingdom of God across the earth.

3. I want to mentor, father and disciple people in the things of God.

These capture a few of my dreams

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Audacious Steps

The people of God will be defined by holy audacity:

1. Audacious humility
2. Audacious boldness
3. Audacious love

We must take audacious steps of courage. It's like cliff-jumping or sky-diving. We get the vision of what we are supposed to do, and then we go do it without giving it a chance to sink into the mind of our flesh and activate fear and resistance to it. I pray for you to lay many audacious and clear steps before us and that You would establish the necessary foundations in our souls to be obedient to them Father.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Prayer for the True People of God: The Audacity to Never Be Discouraged


I believe that we imperfect and hypocritical people will boldly approach Your throne in the name of Jesus whom You gave for us and I have the audacity to believe that the impossible requirements which You require of us You will fulfill in us by Your grace alone. I believe that You will take Your people, weak and imperfect but they trust You, and place them on the narrow path that few ever find (Mt. 7:13-14), and then You will make that narrow path a wide highway under their feet, so that they would not stumble off of it (Ps. 18:36). Thank You LORD, that You do the impossible and actually perfect people for Your kingdom. Thank You that we have only to endure to the end, because those who do will be perfected and saved. When we can do no else, just let us hold on.

Your boy,


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Two Great Truths of History: God's Inititiative and Practicality

Two prevalent, but thankfully fading ideas in the church today are ideas along the lines of sheer human initiative and sheer human practicality in getting anywhere (humanism anyone?). Initiative has to do with human decision being supreme and practicality has to do with human effort being supreme. The key words are sheer and supreme, because human decision and effort are out of bounds when they presume to be sheer and supreme. These two assumptions are based on two myths: God does not speak anymore and God does not act anymore (at least not the same way as He did in biblical times).

The two greatest cries of life calling are that God does speak today and God does act today, just as He did in biblical times, yea He speaks and acts through the Scripture in our daily existence. My greatest moments in life were when God went from being the dead God of a "Christian religion" to a living and active God who governs all reality and this happened when God spoke to me and acted around and with me. These are the great calls of my life as a revivalist because when the Church-at-large sees and operates with the God who is alive, and talks and acts with His people right now, spiritual awakening will blanket the whole earth.

Human decision and initiative are involved or else God would not have given these capacities to us in any measure, but these capacities are inherently incomplete without a subordination to and intimate partnership with God's decision and initiative, that is, God's speaking and God's act, and God's Word and God's Spirit. God's decision, speaking and Word are synonymous. And God's initiative, act and Spirit are synonymous. This however, is another deeper discussion for another time.

Monday, May 23, 2011

May We Not Fall

I say to our heart, "Be careful! There is a real place of danger and a real risk of falling from God's kingdom if we abide in lawlessness. We will never have peace except as we remain at peace with Jesus. As it says in the Scriptures, "'They are a people who go astray in their heart, and they have not known my ways.' Therefore I swore in my wrath, 'They shall not enter my rest (Ps. 95:10-11, ESV).'" What a heavy hand of grace and discipline You carry oh God, to corner us into the perfect inheritance which Jesus secured for His people in the cross, resurrection and ascension! Is it not so good of God to corner us so, in such a way that the choice is simple. Either we receive this grace to fully enter into His kingdom and all of its values, or we turn from it and go the way of destruction. And as the scriptures say, "'Not everyone who says to me, "Lord, Lord," will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. [...]I will declare to them, "I never knew you; depart from me you workers of lawlessness (Matthew 7:21,23 ESV)."'"

We must receive what God says to us now, so that these difficult pronouncements can serve as grace to us, cultivating the pure and clean fear of God in us for our journey towards knowing and being with Him fully in this life. If we do not receive this as a grace now, there's the risk that it will be the pronouncement of God's judgment on us later. Right now is a window of opportunity and grace to respond to God meekly, for He is kind, fair and merciful. Later, His fair judgment will come against all within us which remains wicked that we continue to identify with instead of surrenduring it to death on the cross which Christ calls us to carry like He did. And yet, even when God's judgment comes, it is grace too, for it is hopeful for the great fruit which will come as a result of it. It's only when rebellious people harden their hearts even against God's strict judgment that these words in Matthew 7 become a pronouncement of condemnation for all of those outside of Christ (for in Jesus there is no condemnation). Make no mistake: Now is the time to utterly die to every trace of wickedness and hypocrisy and pretense in our lives. Wickedness will destroy us and this world, if we do not follow Jesus in overcoming wickedness by dying to it and receiving the life of God. Our real identity is in Jesus, so why should we feel offended when He reveals and judges wickedness inside of us that we still identify with? We should thank Him for doing it, even though it hurts for as it says in HEBREWS, He disciplines those He loves.

Monday, May 16, 2011

A Faith of Blood, Sweat and Tears

Endurance is required of the people of God. The knowledge of God that will explode with light and illumination in the earth and the lives of people with dynamic power will only come by faith-a persevering faith with blood, sweat and tears. It will come when the people of God love the Lord their God with all of their existence by faith-that is, with all of their past, present, future, with all of their thinking, with all of their imagination, with all of their emotions, with all of their thoughts, with all of their decisions, with all that they control, and with all that they cannot control. It will come when people, by faith alone in the grace of God, stop being victimized by wickedness and instead overcome it by the power of God through the name of Jesus and by the active power of God's Spirit invading their entire existence. It will come when people, by a persevering faith of blood, sweat and tears, stop being offended by God and instead meekly receive the implanted word of God, instead of exalting their own understanding against God's understanding. It will come when by faith, through grace alone, they truly surrendur all, spirit, soul and body to God's control.

The knowledge of God will explode with power and illumination on this earth, revealing and giving glory to the name of Jesus, the only name under Heaven given by which people can be saved. Will people embrace salvation and freedom or be offended and reject it, becoming victims of wickedness instead? Who of us will have the courage to persevere, with blood, sweat and tears, into the faith and gospel of God, given once and for all through Jesus, choosing to love God with our whole existence, know God with our whole existence and partner with God and His work with all of our existence?

The glory of God WILL blanket the earth. The whole creation GROANS for the revealing of the sons and daughters of God. We are meant to see and know Him for Who He Is. He beckons us to vision of Him and His throne room. He beckons us to fully love Him. He beckons us to partner with Him. His kingdom, power, rule and authority are at hand. He will take possession without our permission. We must put to death everything in our lives that is in opposition to all that He values. If we have a dirty past that we're ashamed of, it's time to dig it up and humbly present it to Him at His altar, for He's a God of grace who will graciously redeem Your past with time if You'll honestly and candidly bring your past too Him. He'll redeem Your past and use it for His glory. You'll go from darkness to light. Your past that hated God will be turned into a past that gives Him glory and loves Him. He redeems the past, encounters you in the present and secures your future if You'll give it to Him of your own free will. It's time to break up your hard heart and prepare for His to give you righteousness.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Spiritual Emphysema

So the craziest thing happened tonight, something very atypical for my times of prayer. I was confused about some things and so I said to the LORD, "LORD, I just need to see something." So I closed my eyes, focused, and in my imagination I saw myself hacking, coughing, and with shortness of breath, having trouble breathing. I was not sure what this could mean, although I know that breathing and breath are related to the Holy Spirit (see the original Greek and notice that spirit and breath come from the same word; they are pictured together). And then the words "spiritual emphysema" came to my mind. I was not sure if I was being random or the LORD was trying to speak to me, but I hopped on the internet to look up first "emphysema" and then "spiritual emphysema." Lo and behold, there are actually people online who write about "spiritual emphysema" and I was amazed at what I found! In short, God has shown me some truth this weekend about myself, that I must confront. Just another everyday encounter, where God is speaking through everything!