Thursday, September 27, 2007

I often think outside of myself. What I mean by this is that I leave who I am, that undoubting evangelical Christian who believes that the Bible in its completeness speaks truthfully concerning all reality, and I think outside that. Sometimes, this is not a good thing and not a healthy act for my faith. One who is not Christian would think that this would be a liberating practice for me, and yet it has not proven to be liberating in any sense. I have times where I'll question the doctrine of the Trinity, or once I thought of this idea: there is objective ultimate reality in this universe; so question about that, but our barrier to that reality is semantics and language and communication. Every religion attempts to communicate and put to words the fine doctrines of that reality and every religion is basically trying to the say the same thing, but in different ways. I thought it sounded like a cool-sounding theory, and yet it's not true. To my reasoning and philosophical mind it might sound good, but it's not truth. If it was truth, it would be liberating and yet the only place I've found liberation is in Jesus Christ.

You know, it's simply not true to say that Christianity is not plausible because it's based on blind faith. Every belief system in the world, including atheism must operate on a premise of blind faith. Human reasoning falls short of filling in all the gaps and so every belief system requires a blind leap of faith. Naturalistic science even rests on a premise that must be taken by faith: that reality can be discovered through scientific inquiry assuming the world is indeed based on rational laws. When it comes down to it, no human being really KNOWS, at the most foundational levels, anything.

This is where there is liberation in Jesus Christ. My God recognizes humanity's shortcomings and says to trust Him instead of leaning on our own understanding. OBVIOUSLY. It is our trust in God that fills in those gaps which we cannot possibly come up with a logical conclusion about. This is one of many revelations which points to God.

Really, the question is not, "Does God exist?" To ask that question is to be talking about something other than God and betrays ignorance of who God is. God cannot not exist. It's a logical and objective impossibility because the very definition of God demands God as the ground of all existence. God is that person, that reality which fills in all the places our reasoning cannot reach.

I have more to say, but that's enough for now.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Debrief and the continuing journey

As a result of this time, God has increased me in fasting and praying. He has given me greater patience and resolve to spend time enjoying His presence and being in His presence. Since returning home, I've just noticed that I'm different and more submissive to the Lord, more in love with the Lord. He certainly shifted some inner realities in me.

I am now on this journey through my final semester. More is going on in life outside of class almost that life within classes. This semester certainly cannot be defined by my school experience like previous semesters could be. God has called me to be involved in a prayer initiative in Wilmore uniting this community in prayer. I've been called to evangelism. And God has shown me what to do after I graduate. He's been speaking to me about living among and ministering to the homeless for 5 years and now is the time to do that. He'll have to pull some miraculous strings to make it happen, but He's in the business of that. That step of faith will lead to my definite calling. I'm called to the nations, to preach the kingdom of God, and demonstrating it with the miraculous to be a part of the revival to come. This is where God is taking me and this is wehre I'll go by His grace.

Day 13, 25 August 2007

Oh, the possibilities! What could be next? I would love to go to Rio de Janeiro's solemn assembly next year as well as the solemn assemblies in Holland, Paris, and Mozambique. I love the idea which I overheard Stacy Campbell talking about: raising money to get street kids off the streets and educated in churches. It's awesome. So much to think about and take care of.

The conference last night was awesome! A girl gave me a word which pretty much encouraged me to keep dancing despite what people think! I speak boldness and courage over my heart; perfect love for my Father which manifests itself through the dancing I'm called to. I'm called to it. I have been for years.

I also was able to pray for a homosexual whom the Lord is setting free! It's so cool with reference to my past, because this pastor pulled me aside and told me about the man's issue. It was a good time of prayer. The man felt the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit begun a rod which will be brought to completion. Give this man hope that he won't resist. It was cool too, a group of 6 little girls came over and prayed blessing over my life. God has just opened many doors of ministry. this time has been so blest.

We also had the privilege of seeing a special anointing hit the children as they cried out to God in such sincerity!

I received another word tonight: I am .chosen to be part of revival movement to the nations. I got this prophetic word and it again, for about the trillionth time confirms all the other words I've received.

Day 11, 23 August 2007, The Youth Prison

The youth prison was awesome, but we weren't there nearly long enough. The teens were awesome and very interested in us and where we were from. They were fairly receptive to the Gospel. They are like really talented-experts in origami and they even made us flowers to take away to remember them by and pray for them. I just didn't want to leave. It was powerful time.

Now, for a cool story. I was going to go downtown today to minister to street kids, and see the downtown area, but instead I stayed back at the hotel. I was seriously thinking of going, but instead God sent me Hoberto. He was looking for something to eat and drink, so we went over to the mall to Burger King (I led a homeless guy to Christ at a Burger King in New Zealand too! What is it about Burger King?). God provided me a translator and we talked for an hour or so. He was hungry both physically and spiritually. He talked about wanting freedom from the chains which bind him. So we prayed and he accepted Jesus! He was so grateful; it was such an awesome time. Now I've had an excellent time of quieting myself before God and just listening. It was awesome!

Father, thanks for opening up the doors for me to dance when I worship! I'm obviously supposed to dance and I'm a dancer, but I've resisted for years out of fear. Forgive me and have mercy. Build and stir up love, courage and boldness in me that I might continue to worship You the way You desire at home. Amen?

And now, the current situation. We sit at the conference right now and our speaker has no translator so we're listening to a sermon in Porteuguese. Our speaker has asked us to intercede during the sermon.

Father, anoint this time. Anoint Your words. Anoint Your works, anoint our prayers. Teach us to pray, teach us how to receive and hear. Teach our speaker Your words. Teach us Your works. Speak to us Your prayers. Open up Your word, reveal Your word. Hallelujah! Unite hearts in fear of You, oh God. Let every note of music minister to the growing seeds in our hearts. Rise up in power, oh God! Reveal the absolute truth. Reveal reality to us; Heaven's reality. Enculture us with the culture of Heaven. Allow us to see ourselves as You see us and give us God's eyes for people. Cut like a knife, just now Lord. Build up our spirits by Your
Spirit. More unction, and more gumption! More prayer and fasting! More radical obedience! More godliness, more holiness! More repentance, more fear of God, more assurance of salvation. More realization of salvation, More hunger, oh!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Day 10, 22 August 2007

Last night was awesome at the church we visited! We did prayer ministry again which is seriously getting addicting. God gave me words for people, and one guy I prayed for prophesied over me! And then, a pastor at the church prophesied over me and you guessed it: nations, signs and wonders! This is the same I've been getting for years. The prophets are all confirming each other as well as my own heart!

Wesley preached again tonight about social justice and it was very exciting to imagine the possibilities if the Church would step up and take responsibility! Wesley basically explained the passion and aim of the organization, "Be a Hero." They aim for social justice and mercy, and global revival.

Some stats given to us and a plan for solving the problem:

33,000 die daily in circumstances of poverty (?)
Needed: Healthcare for pregnant mothers, global partnerships, and schooling
Bill Gates has dedicated half his fortune to problems of poverty.
Warren Buffet gave 38 billion.
God is "blowing on Babylon." God is financing what the Church is already called and capable of doing through the world's finances. If the Church will do the job, the money will get sent to the Church.

God's strategy today:
Signs and Wonders, and social justice and mercy.

Day 9, 21 August 2007, In the Slums!

In Eliopolis, the south end of Sao Paulo, 120,000 live in the slum. Lot's of poverty in Sao Paulo, and they live in shacks of 22 sq. meters; 16 per shack! Often times, their bathroom is an empty oil can. About 50 families live under the bridge. The spirit of violence is entrenched and prevalent in the family as well as drugs and prostitution. God's favor is coming and pouring out though. The greatest poverty is lack of love and God is countering these realities with His love.

According to Luke 10:25-37, the gospel is to love God and save half-dead guys.

The above excerpt is from the message which Wesley Campbell preached to us in the slum church before we went out to the slum to play with and love on the kids as well as praying over people and blessing their homes. Rodrigo, a local pastor, brought a team from his church as well and they did a drama for all to see in the slums. It truly shook the place as they watched person after person get distracted by the things of this world and then looks of captivation filled their faces when they saw Jesus and they were drawn magnetically to Him. We saw many saved during the drama and several saved and filled with God's Spirit as we went from house to house in the slums.

Here's links to videos taken in the slums:

Day 8, 20 August 2007

Today we went to the beach! I swam in the Atlantic for the first time and it was beautiful! I found out that it's actually a low grade beach for Brazil, but it was so nice! We ate well and went body-surfing at which point I was injured receiving a scrape from the sand on my elbow, shoulder, and head. The wave totally flipped me! I had been having so much fun and I started calling out to God to knock me off my feet, and consequently, He did. So the lifeguards came and applied first aid and I was ok. Then our group prayed for the lifeguards! That was cool, though Estella wisely and frankly said, "You don't have to get slapped by the wave to start conversation!" It was a fun day. The mountains that we drove through to get there were something else as well! We enjoyed walking around and noting the beautiful sights, and we had an excellent meal that night at a beach side restaurant. We prayed for and blessed the restaurant staff too.

An excellent and beautiful winter day of rest in Brazil!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Day 7, 19 August 2007

We visited a charismatic Catholic church in the slums this evening after an amazing meal this afternoon at the Churrascuria (an all-you-can-eat buffet and carnivore's paradise!). The church's name is Full Redemption. The moment I stepped from the bus in this poor area, I heard booming guitar and saxophone resonating through the streets and the sounds were coming from this Catholic Church! Inside of this plain building were people jumping and dancing in the worship service. It was awesome and yet looks can be deceiving because many demonic manifestations broke out as well including spirits of divinity and others. We had a bit of spiritual warfare that night. It's a church that's situated in a fairly oppressive area and some of the people there dabble in things which they shouldn't. That church, though a wonderful experience, also requires a lot of prayer! Some good things happened too-we prayed over a lady with an STD (I'm unsure of what type) and I believe that she was fully healed! A pain left her when we prayed. God's anointing poured out as ministry was offered by our team that night.

Here's a couple links to videos I took of worship at this church:

Day 6, 18 August 2007, Solemn Assembly

Three times, God had me do a prophetic act by giving up my seat so that someone on the floor could sit there. Two times, it was received and the last time it wasn't. That's not the point though. Jesus "gave up His seat" so we could have. He made a sacrifice, a free gift. Who will have the courage to receive it?

I say that each time I feel fear about obeying God, I remember the tears I wept tonight for the lost, especially those close to me that don't really KNOW God.

Oh, and by the way-we had an experience after the assembly tonight that I don't want to soon forget. Jason Upton led us in bus songs; it was pretty hilarious and pretty whack.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Day 6, 18 August 2007

The Brazilians are such beautiful people, not just spiritually, but even physically too! Ministry tonight felt so fulfilling, but it can't be my fulfillment. Still, ministry was so awesome tonight. God filled me with words and prayers for individuals who were visibly touched. I've made so many new friends. What excitement this has been! We've had more healings tonight including broken limbs being healed, bumps and tumors vanishing. So good. We're going to a youth prison next week and I'm excited about that, which reminds me that I need to give Stefano my name and passport number tomorrow.

Here's a video link to this conference:

Day 5, 17 August 2007, Session with Jason Upton

"In seeking to be culturally relevant, we've lost our power."

I. Temptation vs. Testing
A. Spirit of Yahweh leads us to be tested and is in charge of testing
B. We live as though devil is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient and give him more creadance than God!
C. God's Spirit led Jesus to wilderness to be tempted by devil
1. these moments are the only times the devil has access to our lives; any other time is something we've given over to him.
2. Lk. 4:5-6 All kingdoms of the earth delivered over to the devil
3. 4:3 If You're the Son of God
a. Produce something...
b. Jesus already Son of God; didn't have to prove!
c. We are children of God by grace and adoption; no need to prove!
d. Let the word of heaven fill your soul!
e. Resist temptation to prove yourself; Power of God in my life is who I am!
f. The Father creates w/o need of human approval; get rid of fear of man! Don't think that just because everyone likes you, that you're in the will of God.
g. fear of man is the lie that I can preserve myself.
4. Temptation #2-Prove God
a. division in body comes from trying to prove ourselves
b. true faith believes even when it hasn't seen
c.Never use manipulation to prove God! You don't need manipulation! True Christians have the real thing.
d. we're agenda driven rather than driven by the true word of God.
D. Through these Devil shouldn't have loopholes into our services
1. our desires tempted
2. probably could take care of temptation problem if we would allow ourselves to be tested.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Day 4, 16 August 2007

So, mission trips are all about being on the "mountain-top", right? This time has not been that, except in one way. When I think of a "mountain-top" I think of feeling good emotions. This has not been that way. I've been under such attack and oppression. It's been hard in some ways, but last night I broke through. Overcoming is the word, the thing which shot me up the mountain to the high places. I pushed forward past the negativity by remembering God's love being poured out on me through refining. I'm being refined. That pushed me through the oppression because I realized God was allowing the oppression to happen for the purpose of refining. He's breaking my reliance on my feelings and emotions and seeking to make me lean only on Him. Anyway, it's been powerful. We've been going to the malls and streets and prophesying over people and praying for healings. We've seen many partial healings with confidence that Yahweh will complete them and a few complete healings too. We prayed for a man on crutches whom we believe God is healing. A women with a cast was prayed over by a group and completely healed. A man with cerebral palsy (I think) was prayed for and a hand he couldn't open before was healed. He also was deaf and his ear opened. Many with headaches and pain in their legs were completely healed. A former Muslim who became a Christian was completely healed in both legs. We prayed for a guy to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The list goes on and on! I've seen a couple headaches leave after prayer. Thank you Jesus!

A Brazilian girl named Brenda came up to me and wanted to talk to me, but needed a translator. Come to find out, once she found one, she relayed to me that when she saw me, God immediately put me on her heart. She gave me a very encouraging word and we prayed. That night during prayer ministry at the solemn assembly, she took me by the hand and led me over to all her friends to pray over all of them. It was awesome. Every time we finished, she had another person for me to pray for. This happened several nights in a row. She also spent the week after she met me praying for me. God really blessed me through her.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Day 4, 16 August 2007

I don't know how all this will go together, but it must somehow, or it's speaking to different seasons of life. A guy came up to me tonight and told me he had a word for me, and boy did he deliver a good word! He told me he could see a leadership anointing on me! He told me that I have a gentle way about me and I genuinely want to help people where they're wrong without judging. That's the second time during this mission that I've heard something about leadership anointing. And then he said that he saw a passion and ministry for youth on me. I heard that first from Dulcinea. I've always loved kids and teens, but I never knew I'd have a ministry with them. Lastly, he pointed out a song which he called "my song." He saw this song over me by Brian Johnson-"Where You Go, I'll Go"- and of course I was agreeing whole-heartedly because that's my song. There's so much more, but I'm too tired. I ask for grace to remember tomorrow.

Day 3, 15 August 2007

In Revelation 3, You command me to overcome. There's no other option. I must overcome and it will only happen according to Psalm 37:17 where Yahweh upholds me. The encouragement is that I'm already on the path of overcoming and I'll continue on it and make it. Yahweh upholds those whose hearts are completely His. Satan speaks defeat over me, but Yahweh, whose word is greater and expressed in the Word, Jesus, says, "Yahweh is salvation!" He speaks salvation and I receive this salvation.

There will be grace abundant, enough to get the job done when I pass from here. In fact, there will be more, because the oppression may be more. Oh Lord, child-like trust! I must be so sensitive to the Holy Spirit. God must be my affection, not food. I must not strive, but be a man of God where I am. There must be grace.

Day 2 Evening session with Dennis Cline

Purpose of being born again is to see Kingdom: Zechariah 4:2
The Body of Christ is coming out of captivity
God calls us to repentance, literally meaning to change the way one thinks
-If we'll respond, God will be the fire in our midst and the glory around us: Zechariah 2
We are to be a dwelling place for God and out of love, obey Him.
Let God change the world, not me.
Visitation (God wooing us) must become habitation (living constantly by the Spirit).

Summary: God is about to come and be the fire in our midst and glory around us so we must change our thinking (repent and be transformed by the renewing of the mind). We are sons and daughters of God, so repent and align your thinking with that truth; that if you are in Christ, you are a son or daughter of God by adoption.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Day 2, 14 August 2007, Evening in Hotel room

Anyway, I have mixed emotions about today, but it truly was a good time. For one thing, it was very charismatic. We rushed into it for all day and I'm tired. It was pretty powerful though! I did get to pray prophetically over some people though. It was intense. We had a message on prophetic evangelism this morning and then took it to the streets this afternoon. After supper and more ministry, we came to the church for testimonies and worship and intercession. Good stuff. Anything in the way of negative feelings (attacks from the enemy) are overwhelmed by what God did and thus I do not receive any lies from the enemy. Hallelujah!

Day 2, 14 August 2007, Session 1, Stacy Campbell

School of Signs and Wonders, Session 1

The testimony of Christ is the spirit of prophecy.

We must hold all prophecy with the heart of God or it'll be a curse instead of a blessing.
-balance spirit of prophecy with character of Jesus
-balance gifting with Christ's character

I Cor. 13:2 "If I have the gift of prophecy, but no love..."!

Bear one another's burdens
Jesus' holiness affected sinners' lifestyles and not vice-versa. God send this level of holiness among us!

God grants His authority in the measure that we lean on Him.

Prophecy is a sign for unbelievers (1 Cor. 14)
-Jesus bypassed theological arguments with a word of knowledge in his conversation with the Samaritan women at the well.

When ministering, only do what you see the Father doing, just as Jesus did who did NOTHING of His own initiative (Jn. 5:19-20).

Prophetic evangelism draws those looking for God. Step into the supernatural realm of God and do the impossible for God's strength is made perfect in our weakness. The just live by faith and not by the measure of gifting. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen!

"Purity, and not the degree of giftedness, wins the battle." -Jason Upton

Here's some video links of some of our sessions:

Day 2, 14 August 2007, Bluetree Hotel

I'm in Sao Paulo, Brazil, South America. Just let that sink in. You know what's even more amazing? I'm in the presence of the mighty God, Yahweh, and I want more. I confess to You Father, that part of my motivation in going after You is that I'm in the presence of godly people who love You and it's just convicting about my apathy when I'm home. My motives hold such duplicity. I care about first impressions and I want to make good first impressions on all of them. I have very godly friends at home and I'm able to be myself in front of them, but I don't seek You as hard at home. Have mercy on my divided self and my shortcomings [pictured to the left is where I met with God each day; a cafe in the hotel].

Anyway, here's an awesome scripture: "Better is the little that the righteous has than the abundance of many wicked. For the arms of the wicked shall be broken, but Yahweh upholds the righteous." Psalm 37:16-17

The "arms of the wicked" refers to the abundance of the previous verse; that which is the provision of the wicked or that which they trust in. The wicked may seem to prosper now and have security as well as an abundance of provision, but they rest on that which is so temporal. My God owns the cattle on a thousand hills and always provides exactly what's needed to His children. It's sort of a "spiritual socialism." That almost sounds like living on the edge to me. It sounds dangerous, but man, it's the only way to live. It sounds risky, but it's the opposite because one is in no safer place when cast fully into the arms of Yahweh and none other.

Some trends in Brazil:

Brazil has a leadership anointing in Christianity
Strategic in world Christianity: biggest S. American country and major leader in Southern hemisphere Christianity where center of Christianity is!
Revival stirring in Brazil and Sao Paulo. God's about to release something!

Day 1, 13 August 2007, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Bluetree Hotel

So here I now sit in Sao Paulo, Brazil. My experiences have now spanned 4 continents. I've only been here in Sao Paulo for a day, and I already have people speaking into my life. First, I've met this 58 year old woman from Argentina named Estella. What a beautiful woman of God she is! Already a couple have told me I have a gift with the youth.

What a beautiful and colorful city, this is too! I can tell that I'll come away from here with many new friends.

Father, I'm definitely not here by accident. Thanks for this opportunity. Send Your Spirit. Prepare our hearts and send on us Your unity. Mark our times with signs and wonders God and with the fullness. Allow us to minister the fullness by Your Spirit at this time. Let our team truly be a team, or rather, a body; the Body of Christ. Allow our differences to compliment and our gifts to work together.

Psalm 34:10

When Yahweh is the center, all falls into place. I will lack no good thing. All things will be added.