Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Day 1, 13 August 2007, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Bluetree Hotel

So here I now sit in Sao Paulo, Brazil. My experiences have now spanned 4 continents. I've only been here in Sao Paulo for a day, and I already have people speaking into my life. First, I've met this 58 year old woman from Argentina named Estella. What a beautiful woman of God she is! Already a couple have told me I have a gift with the youth.

What a beautiful and colorful city, this is too! I can tell that I'll come away from here with many new friends.

Father, I'm definitely not here by accident. Thanks for this opportunity. Send Your Spirit. Prepare our hearts and send on us Your unity. Mark our times with signs and wonders God and with the fullness. Allow us to minister the fullness by Your Spirit at this time. Let our team truly be a team, or rather, a body; the Body of Christ. Allow our differences to compliment and our gifts to work together.

Psalm 34:10

When Yahweh is the center, all falls into place. I will lack no good thing. All things will be added.

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