Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Day 10, 22 August 2007

Last night was awesome at the church we visited! We did prayer ministry again which is seriously getting addicting. God gave me words for people, and one guy I prayed for prophesied over me! And then, a pastor at the church prophesied over me and you guessed it: nations, signs and wonders! This is the same I've been getting for years. The prophets are all confirming each other as well as my own heart!

Wesley preached again tonight about social justice and it was very exciting to imagine the possibilities if the Church would step up and take responsibility! Wesley basically explained the passion and aim of the organization, "Be a Hero." They aim for social justice and mercy, and global revival.

Some stats given to us and a plan for solving the problem:

33,000 die daily in circumstances of poverty (?)
Needed: Healthcare for pregnant mothers, global partnerships, and schooling
Bill Gates has dedicated half his fortune to problems of poverty.
Warren Buffet gave 38 billion.
God is "blowing on Babylon." God is financing what the Church is already called and capable of doing through the world's finances. If the Church will do the job, the money will get sent to the Church.

God's strategy today:
Signs and Wonders, and social justice and mercy.

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