Monday, September 24, 2007

Day 11, 23 August 2007, The Youth Prison

The youth prison was awesome, but we weren't there nearly long enough. The teens were awesome and very interested in us and where we were from. They were fairly receptive to the Gospel. They are like really talented-experts in origami and they even made us flowers to take away to remember them by and pray for them. I just didn't want to leave. It was powerful time.

Now, for a cool story. I was going to go downtown today to minister to street kids, and see the downtown area, but instead I stayed back at the hotel. I was seriously thinking of going, but instead God sent me Hoberto. He was looking for something to eat and drink, so we went over to the mall to Burger King (I led a homeless guy to Christ at a Burger King in New Zealand too! What is it about Burger King?). God provided me a translator and we talked for an hour or so. He was hungry both physically and spiritually. He talked about wanting freedom from the chains which bind him. So we prayed and he accepted Jesus! He was so grateful; it was such an awesome time. Now I've had an excellent time of quieting myself before God and just listening. It was awesome!

Father, thanks for opening up the doors for me to dance when I worship! I'm obviously supposed to dance and I'm a dancer, but I've resisted for years out of fear. Forgive me and have mercy. Build and stir up love, courage and boldness in me that I might continue to worship You the way You desire at home. Amen?

And now, the current situation. We sit at the conference right now and our speaker has no translator so we're listening to a sermon in Porteuguese. Our speaker has asked us to intercede during the sermon.

Father, anoint this time. Anoint Your words. Anoint Your works, anoint our prayers. Teach us to pray, teach us how to receive and hear. Teach our speaker Your words. Teach us Your works. Speak to us Your prayers. Open up Your word, reveal Your word. Hallelujah! Unite hearts in fear of You, oh God. Let every note of music minister to the growing seeds in our hearts. Rise up in power, oh God! Reveal the absolute truth. Reveal reality to us; Heaven's reality. Enculture us with the culture of Heaven. Allow us to see ourselves as You see us and give us God's eyes for people. Cut like a knife, just now Lord. Build up our spirits by Your
Spirit. More unction, and more gumption! More prayer and fasting! More radical obedience! More godliness, more holiness! More repentance, more fear of God, more assurance of salvation. More realization of salvation, More hunger, oh!

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