Monday, September 24, 2007

Day 13, 25 August 2007

Oh, the possibilities! What could be next? I would love to go to Rio de Janeiro's solemn assembly next year as well as the solemn assemblies in Holland, Paris, and Mozambique. I love the idea which I overheard Stacy Campbell talking about: raising money to get street kids off the streets and educated in churches. It's awesome. So much to think about and take care of.

The conference last night was awesome! A girl gave me a word which pretty much encouraged me to keep dancing despite what people think! I speak boldness and courage over my heart; perfect love for my Father which manifests itself through the dancing I'm called to. I'm called to it. I have been for years.

I also was able to pray for a homosexual whom the Lord is setting free! It's so cool with reference to my past, because this pastor pulled me aside and told me about the man's issue. It was a good time of prayer. The man felt the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit begun a rod which will be brought to completion. Give this man hope that he won't resist. It was cool too, a group of 6 little girls came over and prayed blessing over my life. God has just opened many doors of ministry. this time has been so blest.

We also had the privilege of seeing a special anointing hit the children as they cried out to God in such sincerity!

I received another word tonight: I am .chosen to be part of revival movement to the nations. I got this prophetic word and it again, for about the trillionth time confirms all the other words I've received.

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