Thursday, September 6, 2007

Day 3, 15 August 2007

In Revelation 3, You command me to overcome. There's no other option. I must overcome and it will only happen according to Psalm 37:17 where Yahweh upholds me. The encouragement is that I'm already on the path of overcoming and I'll continue on it and make it. Yahweh upholds those whose hearts are completely His. Satan speaks defeat over me, but Yahweh, whose word is greater and expressed in the Word, Jesus, says, "Yahweh is salvation!" He speaks salvation and I receive this salvation.

There will be grace abundant, enough to get the job done when I pass from here. In fact, there will be more, because the oppression may be more. Oh Lord, child-like trust! I must be so sensitive to the Holy Spirit. God must be my affection, not food. I must not strive, but be a man of God where I am. There must be grace.

Day 2 Evening session with Dennis Cline

Purpose of being born again is to see Kingdom: Zechariah 4:2
The Body of Christ is coming out of captivity
God calls us to repentance, literally meaning to change the way one thinks
-If we'll respond, God will be the fire in our midst and the glory around us: Zechariah 2
We are to be a dwelling place for God and out of love, obey Him.
Let God change the world, not me.
Visitation (God wooing us) must become habitation (living constantly by the Spirit).

Summary: God is about to come and be the fire in our midst and glory around us so we must change our thinking (repent and be transformed by the renewing of the mind). We are sons and daughters of God, so repent and align your thinking with that truth; that if you are in Christ, you are a son or daughter of God by adoption.

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