Saturday, September 8, 2007

Day 4, 16 August 2007

So, mission trips are all about being on the "mountain-top", right? This time has not been that, except in one way. When I think of a "mountain-top" I think of feeling good emotions. This has not been that way. I've been under such attack and oppression. It's been hard in some ways, but last night I broke through. Overcoming is the word, the thing which shot me up the mountain to the high places. I pushed forward past the negativity by remembering God's love being poured out on me through refining. I'm being refined. That pushed me through the oppression because I realized God was allowing the oppression to happen for the purpose of refining. He's breaking my reliance on my feelings and emotions and seeking to make me lean only on Him. Anyway, it's been powerful. We've been going to the malls and streets and prophesying over people and praying for healings. We've seen many partial healings with confidence that Yahweh will complete them and a few complete healings too. We prayed for a man on crutches whom we believe God is healing. A women with a cast was prayed over by a group and completely healed. A man with cerebral palsy (I think) was prayed for and a hand he couldn't open before was healed. He also was deaf and his ear opened. Many with headaches and pain in their legs were completely healed. A former Muslim who became a Christian was completely healed in both legs. We prayed for a guy to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The list goes on and on! I've seen a couple headaches leave after prayer. Thank you Jesus!

A Brazilian girl named Brenda came up to me and wanted to talk to me, but needed a translator. Come to find out, once she found one, she relayed to me that when she saw me, God immediately put me on her heart. She gave me a very encouraging word and we prayed. That night during prayer ministry at the solemn assembly, she took me by the hand and led me over to all her friends to pray over all of them. It was awesome. Every time we finished, she had another person for me to pray for. This happened several nights in a row. She also spent the week after she met me praying for me. God really blessed me through her.

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