Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Day 5, 17 August 2007, Session with Jason Upton

"In seeking to be culturally relevant, we've lost our power."

I. Temptation vs. Testing
A. Spirit of Yahweh leads us to be tested and is in charge of testing
B. We live as though devil is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient and give him more creadance than God!
C. God's Spirit led Jesus to wilderness to be tempted by devil
1. these moments are the only times the devil has access to our lives; any other time is something we've given over to him.
2. Lk. 4:5-6 All kingdoms of the earth delivered over to the devil
3. 4:3 If You're the Son of God
a. Produce something...
b. Jesus already Son of God; didn't have to prove!
c. We are children of God by grace and adoption; no need to prove!
d. Let the word of heaven fill your soul!
e. Resist temptation to prove yourself; Power of God in my life is who I am!
f. The Father creates w/o need of human approval; get rid of fear of man! Don't think that just because everyone likes you, that you're in the will of God.
g. fear of man is the lie that I can preserve myself.
4. Temptation #2-Prove God
a. division in body comes from trying to prove ourselves
b. true faith believes even when it hasn't seen
c.Never use manipulation to prove God! You don't need manipulation! True Christians have the real thing.
d. we're agenda driven rather than driven by the true word of God.
D. Through these Devil shouldn't have loopholes into our services
1. our desires tempted
2. probably could take care of temptation problem if we would allow ourselves to be tested.

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