Monday, September 17, 2007

Day 7, 19 August 2007

We visited a charismatic Catholic church in the slums this evening after an amazing meal this afternoon at the Churrascuria (an all-you-can-eat buffet and carnivore's paradise!). The church's name is Full Redemption. The moment I stepped from the bus in this poor area, I heard booming guitar and saxophone resonating through the streets and the sounds were coming from this Catholic Church! Inside of this plain building were people jumping and dancing in the worship service. It was awesome and yet looks can be deceiving because many demonic manifestations broke out as well including spirits of divinity and others. We had a bit of spiritual warfare that night. It's a church that's situated in a fairly oppressive area and some of the people there dabble in things which they shouldn't. That church, though a wonderful experience, also requires a lot of prayer! Some good things happened too-we prayed over a lady with an STD (I'm unsure of what type) and I believe that she was fully healed! A pain left her when we prayed. God's anointing poured out as ministry was offered by our team that night.

Here's a couple links to videos I took of worship at this church:

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