Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Day 8, 20 August 2007

Today we went to the beach! I swam in the Atlantic for the first time and it was beautiful! I found out that it's actually a low grade beach for Brazil, but it was so nice! We ate well and went body-surfing at which point I was injured receiving a scrape from the sand on my elbow, shoulder, and head. The wave totally flipped me! I had been having so much fun and I started calling out to God to knock me off my feet, and consequently, He did. So the lifeguards came and applied first aid and I was ok. Then our group prayed for the lifeguards! That was cool, though Estella wisely and frankly said, "You don't have to get slapped by the wave to start conversation!" It was a fun day. The mountains that we drove through to get there were something else as well! We enjoyed walking around and noting the beautiful sights, and we had an excellent meal that night at a beach side restaurant. We prayed for and blessed the restaurant staff too.

An excellent and beautiful winter day of rest in Brazil!

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