Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Day 9, 21 August 2007, In the Slums!

In Eliopolis, the south end of Sao Paulo, 120,000 live in the slum. Lot's of poverty in Sao Paulo, and they live in shacks of 22 sq. meters; 16 per shack! Often times, their bathroom is an empty oil can. About 50 families live under the bridge. The spirit of violence is entrenched and prevalent in the family as well as drugs and prostitution. God's favor is coming and pouring out though. The greatest poverty is lack of love and God is countering these realities with His love.

According to Luke 10:25-37, the gospel is to love God and save half-dead guys.

The above excerpt is from the message which Wesley Campbell preached to us in the slum church before we went out to the slum to play with and love on the kids as well as praying over people and blessing their homes. Rodrigo, a local pastor, brought a team from his church as well and they did a drama for all to see in the slums. It truly shook the place as they watched person after person get distracted by the things of this world and then looks of captivation filled their faces when they saw Jesus and they were drawn magnetically to Him. We saw many saved during the drama and several saved and filled with God's Spirit as we went from house to house in the slums.

Here's links to videos taken in the slums:


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