Monday, September 24, 2007

Debrief and the continuing journey

As a result of this time, God has increased me in fasting and praying. He has given me greater patience and resolve to spend time enjoying His presence and being in His presence. Since returning home, I've just noticed that I'm different and more submissive to the Lord, more in love with the Lord. He certainly shifted some inner realities in me.

I am now on this journey through my final semester. More is going on in life outside of class almost that life within classes. This semester certainly cannot be defined by my school experience like previous semesters could be. God has called me to be involved in a prayer initiative in Wilmore uniting this community in prayer. I've been called to evangelism. And God has shown me what to do after I graduate. He's been speaking to me about living among and ministering to the homeless for 5 years and now is the time to do that. He'll have to pull some miraculous strings to make it happen, but He's in the business of that. That step of faith will lead to my definite calling. I'm called to the nations, to preach the kingdom of God, and demonstrating it with the miraculous to be a part of the revival to come. This is where God is taking me and this is wehre I'll go by His grace.

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