Sunday, October 14, 2007

"Don't be so heavenly-minded that you don't do any earthly good."

I have heard this quote so many times, and was not sure how to understand it or subscribe to it. What I've realized is that God has been taking me on a journey the past few years to being fully heavenly-minded because I'm so earthly-minded that I don't have anything redemptive to do the earth any earthly good. I need to be more heavenly-minded. It's not until I'm transformed by the renewing of my mind that I can rightly incarnate like Christ did among those of the world. I need to know God first. If I don't know God, I have nothing to bring the world to do it any earthly good. When God releases me to the world, I must go with the mindset and life attitude that it's not about the "good things" of the world, but it's about meeting humanity where they are that they might be exposed to the glories of God.

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