Sunday, October 14, 2007

Head-Heart Disconnect

I never understood this phenomenon of head-heart disconnect that I've heard from several about until today. I know there's more to understand, but here's what I'm understanding. The heart (the center of my being; soul, emotions, volition, mind) can never do the job of my head. It must not take the place or overshadow the role of my head (intellect, imagination). Neither can my head overshadow or take the role of my heart. I have fallen several times into the trap of living for my heart to the neglect of my mind. I know now, that the only danger is getting their roles confused and living in neglect of either one, but each must be in its proper place. The heart is the source of inspiration for God speaks to the heart and the heart relays information to the intellect. The intellect's job is to explicate what the heart is saying. In other words, my job is to execute with my head what God has inspired. This is good news, for life becomes more meaningful when everything that I take time to do derives from inspiration/faith. I am not to replace one with the other or neglect one for the other, but see each work in perfect cooperation with the other. Do all things by faith. Walk by faith and not by sight. Anything which enters the head (intellect) first, must be appropriated for the heart.

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