Tuesday, October 30, 2007

When the Revelation comes Close

Through Jesus Christ, humans can approach the Almighty God. Before, people could not do this. God is too great, too holy, too powerful. God's very presence would absolutely obliterate people. Through Jesus, people are made holy and justified in the presence of God and so, in Christ, people are told to boldly approach God's throne. Unto what end? People were made to worship God and enjoy God forever. This is the chief purpose of our existence. People are also given authority in the kingdom to bring God's works close to the rest of this dying world that does not know God. My solution is never to feel sorry for myself when I mess up. My responsibility is to receive the price Jesus paid, repent from that sin, and continue in my role on behalf of God's kingdom.

Today I repent of doubt, fear, confusion, neglect of God's Word and God which pretty much adds up to idolatry. I will now continue in that which I was created for.

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