Thursday, November 8, 2007

American Individualism: A cultural morei or bondage?

In reading about the development of American pragmatism and the individual of the American individualism, I've come to realize a deep bondage I've been in. Even after many years of walking with God, I still believe that life is all about me. I do not invest any intrinsic value into those around me except to the extent that I grow from them. I'm selfish. Everything of intrinsic value pertains to benefiting me in someway. I am a result of my culture and the American dream instead of my God. I focus on my own growth and relationship with God instead of where God wishes to use me in other's lives. You know, we are not called to become Christian so that we can go to Heaven. We are called to know God and become Christian because this is what God created us for. It's about His fame and glory, not ours. We were created to bring glory to God, not end up in Heaven one day. Granted, He will take us to be with Him one day, but it's primarily about His fame and glory and not our own benefit.