Monday, December 17, 2007

Walk as Jesus Did

God gave me some revelation today pertaining to the book of Luke that's really cool. I saw a good deal more of the humanity of Jesus today and the high calling and high view of human beings in God's eyes today.

Luke really illustrates how like Jesus is to us even though he's fully God and fully man, albeit a perfect man. He had to be rooted in the sovereignty of God and his plan just as we have to be. He had to pray and trust the Holy Spirit just as we do. He had to face temptation just like we do. Luke's Gospel notes that Jesus, the perfect man, grew in wisdom and stature just like we all have to do. We all have to grow in wisdom and stature because we aren't complete. Jesus grew in self-awareness and found God's plan for his life just like we have to and walked it out victoriously, setting the stage for the rest of us. Jesus was the pioneer of our faith and now we are called to walk just as he did and does in accomplishing God's purpose. Jesus was subject to the destiny that the Father set in place! And yet Jesus is God! Paradox of paradoxes! I don't get it, but paradoxes are certainly a rule of the nature of spiritual things. In the wisdom of this world, paradoxes make no sense, but one day all will be clear.

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