Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Chaotic Waters

Where is order? Where is organization?
Chaos is king, confusion reigns in each nation.
Thousands of opinions, left and right
Where are the cornerstones of wrong and right?
Chaos has much might.

Where do I turn?
Where do I look?
All paths are dark.
Should I take the ones others took?
"Light" is dark and "dark" is light.
Where is what's right?
The world feasts on opinion.
What one believes is fine.
Chaos has much might.

Our eyes our blind,
Our way is lost,
Is there any right way to be?
Right and wrong
Are lost in the human race;
We must have light to see.
Chaos has much might.

Each new philosophy claims a way out.
In this puzzle, we've added a new piece.
All this confusion is the meat,
The food on which chaos feeds.
Chaos has much might.

Chaos crowds from every direction.
Is there any other way to look?
Above is the path, it's the only way out,
A way that few have booked.
For above is the sky
An endless vastness,
Who would attempt its path?
The few of faith
Who look to the Son
The only real light this world has.

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