Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Last night, God had a treat for me. Let me tell you a story first.

Last summer, I was up at the Asbury baseball fields praying with some friends at our weekly Sunday night fellowship and all of a sudden I had an overwhelming impression that God wanted to show us "fireworks." At first I thought He meant literal fireworks, and He may have, but I didn't see any literal ones. Maybe if I'd stayed up there long enough I would have, because we waited until 3 in the morning and I was too tired to stay longer. However, that night God spoke a word through my friend to me about how God wants to give me wisdom and we also saw a sea of fireflies down in the valley where the cross-country trails are! Talk about some natural fireworks.

Last night, for the first time since last summer, God told me to go firework-watching. Honestly, I didn't feel like it because it was cold out and I was tired, but I obeyed because I figured God had something He wanted to show me. Today, He told me what the significance of that time is and told me that He wants me to do it more often. It's His way of playing with me. God showed me that anytime He asks me to go firework-watching, He wants me to go up to the baseball fields and just enjoy Him and hang out with Him doing whatever. He specified to me that it's not time to be serious and ponder hard life questions or theological questions, but just time to chill. He showed me that He has subtle and majestic ways both to show me fireworks. It takes some getting used to, but now that I see its significance, I'm thinking I'm going to really learn how to like it. God's so cool.

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