Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Greatest Beauty: Catalyst of Corruption

Nothing could compare to the autumn-covered vista laying out in large proportions before my marble-sized eyes. Only the great artist of our universe can paint such a physical picture and I feel like I am seeing it from his point of view. I noticed how beautifully the golden leaves frame the valley that grows into the snowy peak. The hundreds of different colored trees remind me that no color is out of the great artist's reach. I long to feel the soft grass and leaves massage my back and the clouds to hold me like a feather bed in this state of tranquility.
The artist's final touch breathes the mortality into this picture framed by the stars. The invisible air around me that brushes all of my skin and the scents that the fresh air carries through me, makes me a part of this reality that's so beautiful and I'm the capstone of it. And when the artist invites me in, this art is destroyed from the inside out.
The soft, mind echo of nothingness is something I'll never take for granted as I go back to the city where pictures like this are destroyed and looming towers hide out view of true beauty and importance.

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