Thursday, February 14, 2008

Shaping History

I was able to do this very thing in the past two mornings. It is rare that the Spirit of God really enables me to enter into the spirit of prayer and specifically intercession, but the past two mornings at the Asbury House of Prayer at 4:00 am God enabled me to do that very thing and I found myself engaging in a privilege that God gives to all Christians, but few actually engage in! I came there so tired, but after worshipping, the Spirit of God came down and gave me a spirit of intercession. The hour flew by, and I left after my hour still in the spirit of intercession and unable to sleep until about 6 am.

Why don't Christians really pray? Prayer is the medium through which God releases of the power of Heaven onto earth and yet so few Christians really pray! Most don't even have a deep comprehension of what prayer is! I have heard so many misunderstandings about prayer. Prayer may start as conversation with God but it's a whole lot more than sitting on your couch and just spouting your mouth to God about what's on your mind, though it may include some of that.

Prayer is the human spirit engaging with and coming into agreement with the Spirit of God through intimacy. This takes a tremendous amount of time, for only after one knows God, can agreement with God and His heart come into place and once that happens God gives that person authority and power to release the will of Heaven on earth. Prayer is a conversation, yes, but it's in a framework of intimacy. I've had to spend weeks and months just enjoying God's presence and engaging with Him intimately before He'll really reveal His heart to me so that I can really intercede and know something is happening. Usually, I need to intercede from my own mind and knowledge and it just doesn't feel like my spirit is engaged or my prayer is anointed, but lately my spirit has been very engaged and the prayer time has been strongly anointed. I'm beginning to understand my posture in prayer little by little.

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