Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Social Justice

This is an area that is so important and I haven't given much attention to. I mean, I've been focusing on prayer and knowing God in the place of prayer, but you can't know God too long before He brings your attention to the things that break His heart. It can be summed up in this one summary: God's heart is broken that this world will not put its faith in Him-the very thing that Jesus died on the cross for. All the evil in the world is only a consequence of this fact and it helps to put the issues of social justice into their proper perspective. They cannot be divorced from this fact.

However, that does not mean that we can deny the needs to social justice and simply focus on converting everyone, though that's important too. I need to be gripped with the compassion of God in regards to issues like sex-trafficking, genocide, Darfur, the "invisible children" made to do the work of soldiers, and the atrocity of abortion which America has legalized. We are as guilty as the rest of the world in the arena of social justice, for we have eliminated an entire generation of children through abortion.

I pray for the wisdom of God on how to address these many issues and all I know to do for lasting change is to continue preaching and proclaiming the words of God and condemning the evils which our world excuses every day.

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marzish said...

hey nate it's marcie from brazil trip. i found this site from your facebook. this is an awesome entry.

i blog over on xanga... email me if you want - it requires a password.

I just posted a few days ago about one of the conferences in brazil - i typed up some of the notes from the Missao Shammah church.