Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wonder of Wonders

Wonder of Wonders

The water lingered on the leaf
As the array of colors reflected and made a rainbow.
The leaf slowly bent as the crystal drop delicately and quietly rolled off.
The tiny drop made its mark
And emitted a microscopic spray.

A climber studied Mount Everest.
In utter, speechless amazement he watched as
The huge boulders and pure, white, powdery snow
Created an avalanche like the erosion of a sand dune.
He stared toward the summit
As it stretched into the sky
Reaching for a cloud.

The spurting tidal wave threw the surfer from his board
To the soft, shallow water.
Another eight foot tidal wave, topped with a whitecap
Like a pie being crowned with whipped cream
Crashed head-on to shore.

All wonders go beyond earth though.
Look at space.
Look at the meticulously designed universe
And at planets regally rewarded with giant rings.

What about the most
Beautiful, majestic, amazing
Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent
Optimum, Opportune, Panacea
The most deserving of extolment,
The highest of all emperors and kings?
Going through this thesaurus is useless.
I'm trying to describe the first wonder of all time,
Not even of this universe.
Not l-o-v-e.
Real love.
It's spelled

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