Saturday, April 26, 2008

All of Me

As I continue in my journey out here on the streets, I'm beginning to learn about real dedication and the faith it requires. I'm alive to enjoy and know God and next to fulfill His purposes for my life. What I'm doing really is a full time job where I have to stay totally focused on the mission God has given me and to deviate from it always convicts me. Mine is a life that must have focus to it or it will be wasted on petty pleasures that don't really mean anything. Everything I do must be about knowing and enjoying God first and then loving and serving all who I encounter on the streets. It's not always easy, but I'm finding as I move in faith that God is actually putting His love for people in me. It's quite amazing and I never expected it to work out this way. Radical love awakens spiritual zombies. The biggest way in which I do this is by taking time to know people and give them the time of day. I certainly share tangible stuff too when I can, but it's all unto relationship, love, and inner liberation from sin and selfishness that these people can really know what it is to really live and know God.

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