Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Prayer Requests

Jeremy: I've had a lot of contact with Jeremy and he wants change but feels so hopeless that he doesn't think he can get it-figures God's given up on him. I've seen him soften some-pray that would continue

Danny: crack addiction

Steve: depression, alcoholism, back-healing, and needs encounter with Jesus

Tom: authority of Scripture, needs encounter with Jesus

Texas: needs Jesus

Rick: hardened heart, lying to self, needs Jesus, unsure of self right now

Derek: another buddy who needs Jesus

Claude: has shown real interest in God and church-pray for provision to get him connected with a community so that he can grow and give himself totally to the Lord.

The Lighthouse Ministry

Lexington Rescue Mission

The Hope Center: federal program using 12 steps (pretty universalistic material)

Hunter: an atheist friend of mine

Kevin: bad leg (possibly blood clot), cycle of deception, spirit of error

Leo: good guy who knows and loves Jesus, and wants to give up smoking

Richard: humble and wants change, but in alcoholism. Pray that he'll get connected with community to help him overcome alcoholism.

Sydney: alcohol, wants renewed relationship with Jesus, but has some inner conflicts and demons

Anna: asthma, she has a heart for Jesus

Me: sporadic temptation regarding sexual fantasy and masturbation
-prayer as I seek God about leading a weekly Bible study at the Lighthouse
-pray as I work on a document articulating my vision and goals, as I make connections with ministries and people.
-pray for my humility and my ability and willingness to learn
-my faith as I contend and pray for it to increase
-intentional times of relationship, prayer, volunteering and making connections
-the grace of God as I brainstorm how to make my vision and goals practical in day-to-day life

*Praise to God for all of you who have prayed and supported me in many other ways!

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