Saturday, April 5, 2008

SURPRISE! The homeless are PEOPLE.

That title is only for getting your attention. Seriously though, I came out to the streets believing that I needed to be hardened and cynical like the homeless to guard myself against those which would take advantage of me. I wouldn't say I've been hardened or cynical, just guarded, reserved, and constantly thinking and feeling things out. It's just been amazing to me as I've watched over the past couple days. Two people I've gotten to no have really softened up in front of me and opened up about things that they don't talk to anybody about. It's like they have to put up a front most of the time, but around me they have opened up.

I cannot go into details lest I betray trust, but God's just cool, despite my weaknesses. He's blessed me greatly as I've learned to listen and keep loose fingers on what He's given me. I have been able to bless others and I wouldn't trade that for anything.

I know how it feels (a little bit) to be displaced on the fringes of society instead of integrated with society. I know some how it feels to have no place to rest, no place to lay my head. I'm learning to see the fingerprints of God in everybody I encounter and to do all things as unto the Lord.

As you read my confession the other day, I still encounter the dark sides of my character (I'm tired of it, but not tired enough or I would have eradicated these by now). I just want to be submitted to God and not my own self. I still find high places of rebellion inside me. It keeps me from abundant life. It keeps me from relationship with the God I want to know and be like so badly. But, I ask for the grace of Jesus to come and take away my sin continually that I might walk humbly with my God.

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