Monday, April 28, 2008

Word on the Street #5

Beloved in Christ, You cannot imagine what I went through on Monday night when I came out to Lexington again and had reason to believe that my sleeping spot had been discovered and then I started getting nauseous and began shivering uncontrollably, even with a sweatshirt and wool shirt on. I thought that I was in for a long night of who knew what. I ended up over at a prayer tent on the University of Kentucky campus which was hosting 24-7 prayer for the entire week. I figured I'd pray there as late as I could until I went to sleep and hope that know one would kick me out of there. Praise God, He had better ideas. A friend whom I met one time before at Church of the Savior happened to come into the prayer tent that night and lo and behold, when finding out my issue, invited me to the apartment he's been staying at. For the next day and 2 nights, he took care of me, giving me food, letting me sleep and relax the whole time. Talk about a good samaritan (except he's not samaritan). I caught up on some much-needed rest and I think the flu bout was just God's sign to me that I've been going to hard without enough rest. Many thanks to Kurt! I also owe thanks to friends from Cornerstone International House of Prayer who came out to visit me on Wednesday evening and blessed me first and foremost with their presence and fellowship, but also were kind enough to buy me a meal. I have had good time to recharge this week through these various means and it's appropriate to have a little more easy going week since I'm about halfway through my time. Well, let me clarify. At the end of 2 months (May 17) I think I'm going to take some time off of the streets to re-evaluate and see if I need to move on to some new things or if I need to keep going on the streets for longer. So, I'm halfway through my initial length of time. I've tried to piece together some future goals, but I think that I'm trying to think too far ahead, because I've found it impossible to piece many concrete steps together based on the little bit of information God's given me. It just isn't much. I'm convinced that what many of you have told me is correct. I need to focus mostly on here and now and just immerse myself in this time. Keep praying for the names I've given in previous emails, and especially for one I've mentioned, Kevin, who has an issue in his leg (I can't remember if it's in the right or left). Pray for it's healing and also as I seek ways that we could get the problem corrected. He needs an x-ray first to pinpoint what it is and so I'm looking for possibilities that are offered free to those without insurance, and if that falls through I'll probably fundraise. Blessings in Jesus' name, Nathan Rickard

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