Saturday, April 26, 2008

Word on the Street #6

Beloved Friends, Brothers, and Sisters, What a week! I've hardly had time to stop and reflect on it all or write in my journal as much as I've wanted to! It's been a week of a lot of affirmation and blessing from the hand of God. It's begun to illustrate to me the divine placement God has for me for such a time as this. This time has begun to feel like a full time job, which is good, because I've been seeing so many doors of opportunity open and it's kept me moving. My time has been split during this week between time among my prayer base (the body of Christ) and time among the people God's called me to love. On Tuesday, I spent the majority of the day with my friend Kevin. We talked a lot, he took me to see a movie called "The Bucket List" and we talked a lot. He says that the Bible is truth and yet his practical outlook on life is darwinian "survival-of-the-fittest." This kind of philosophy yields a depressing outlook on life where competition is so central. It's easy to see the kind of toll that this lifestyle has taken on Kevin's outlook. Deep down, I know that he longs for purpose and something to show for his life, and he hasn't found that. I know he's looking for hope or else he wouldn't come to me to keep talking about it. He doesn't understand the liberation of being a slave of Christ and submitting your mind and thinking to the Word of God. Keep praying for him and the healing of his leg, which I'm seeking a solution to. We also talked today and he has some beliefs that are really off regarding relationship with God. It's pretty elaborate and I don't want to go into detail, but pray that he would hear the call of God and soften himself. He's choosing to buy into a lot of deception. In addition, all of his stuff other than the clothes on his back was stolen which has made him angry. Thanks to Kathy and Stacy and all at Cornerstone who are helping me to provide him with a backpack of new clothes and other needs. On Wednesday, I was blessed to meet with my mentor for lunch who always manages to shed light and clarity on my mind by the grace of God as well as with Kathy and Stacy from Cornerstone. What good times of fellowship and recharging! On Wednesday I spoke more with my buddy Rick whom I've been building a friendship with. We got into a bit of debate and the Lord gave me a word for him which wasn't exactly easy to deliver, but he took it well when I prefaced it with, "Rick, you've got to know I love you." Pray for Rick to see the self-deception that he's bought into without even knowing it. He's trapped in this cycle of self-justification and needs an encounter with the conviction of God which shows him that he's not ever good enough and needs to come under the mercy of God in Christ. On Thursday, I enjoyed breakfast with a brother who is passionate about the Lord. I was able to be encouraged by his testimony and also to encourage him with my testimony as we shared the passions the Lord had put in our hearts. He also introduced me to Sonshine Ministries and Ann Stephens, from Church of the Savior, who runs this ministry. What an answer to prayer this place was on Thursday! I had been looking for a place to spend time alone with Jesus which I had not been able to do in a few days except in public places and she was glad to oblige. Thursday was a great day of rest and prayer in the Lord's presence as well as ministry. Ms. Stephens put me to work with some clients who became new Christians that day and so I was able to council and pray for one guy and also to help another recommit his life to the Lord. I was also informed about a revival taking place in Lakeland, FL as we speak and am praying about an opportunity to go down there for a few days next week. Thursday night was a blessing also as the Lord allowed me into Ghatti-town for a free pizza buffet and time of sharing testimonies with prayer warriors from the University of Kentucky. What a full day of blessing. Thursday night at the last minute, God provided an apartment for me to stay at with 3 guys. They took good care of me, even though the alcohol was flowing a little too much. They offered me their only bed and insisted on feeding me even though I'd just filled up at the Ghatti-town pizza buffet. One of the guys cooks some pretty mean food and he fed me an amazing burger before I slept that night. The next morning he served me fried biscuit bread with gravy and eggs. It was so cool that these guys were intent on serving me and opening their small place to me. I believe that it was a ministry just to receive their hospitality and enjoy their company. According to Matthew 10, I pronounced peace and blessing over their apartment and prayed for them. I know they want to change their ways and the Lord convicted them even as I was there; they have their struggles; don't we all? Finally, not only have I prayed for guys, but I've been able to meet a lot of practical needs, especially food. About every day, God provides food for me to give out and so everyone's getting used to that-God even provided a literal truck load of Krispy Kreme donuts which I was able to pass out a bunch of and enjoy. It was cool. Just yesterday, a friend, Albert Kalim gave me about 4 platters of about 30 burgers to hand out. Lot's of miraculous provision like that. The Lighthouse has sent me out with supplies and food more than once to hand out. It's good to be the legs on some of these operations. I've always had plenty for myself and plenty to share. I'd like to give public thanks to you all for your support and those who've visited me and helped me practically. You all will be recognized by the Lord for that which you've chosen to do in secret for me and haven't told anyone else about. Bless you all for helping to make possible what I could never do without the body. I hope I haven't left anyone to thank out. A few weeks ago, the Leet family served me in a number of ways. Derek and Anna continue to house me on the weekends as they've done this whole year. I've received good council from leadership at Church of the Savior and Cornerstone International. I have received wisdom from leadership in Communality, a house network I've been involved with some here in Lexington (Thanks Billy, Daniel, Mark, Scott, Leo, Julius, Monty) and many of you have emailed me encouragement (Thanks to David Hull from AHOP and thanks to individuals from West Golden). In short, way too much has been done for me to ever repay, but I hope I'm beginning to bring blessing to people out here the same way that you all have to me. Pray that God would continually humble me and increase my faith (as I've fallen into some sin in the past couple days), pray for Rick and Kevin, and pray for the 3 guys which housed me. One of them, Jeremy, I've spent time with before and he needs continual prayer for the breaking of alcohol addiction. This has been long enough-may God bless you all.

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