Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Crossing Language Barriers

Believe it or not, the homeless and street culture actually speak a different language, with a different worldview, different way of thinking, and different way of viewing reality and circumstances. I did not realize how hard it is to cross worldviews. It's very hard. It's even hard to engage in small talk sometimes, but I'm slowly learning how to do this and I've also finally found the point of relationship between me and them (there really is no "me" and "them", but that's how I perceive it). I haven't met a lot of people with a biblical way of thinking in the street culture. What's the point of contact? Our carnality is where our paths cross. I seem to quickly note all of the weaknesses of those I want to serve and help and forget that I have those same weaknesses. I can relate to carnality because I am carnal. Addictions is something I have in common with the homeless because I have addictions too. I too must cast myself on the mercy of God. This is where we speak the same language.

I'd say I'm also learning about discernment and the development of fine prophetic sensitivity in me too. If I can be sensitive to the spirit and environment of a place and to the spirit of a person, I will be able to read them in a sense and present the Lord to them with that in mind. They'll begin to see that God really KNOWS them and speaks through me (and through them to me as well).

Side note, the speaking engagement to the junior-high kids I spoke to went well, although I still need more practice. I am learning as I go however, and I look forward to growing more comfortable in front of groups of people. I was told that they'd ask me to speak again next school year, so I hope that works out. I also am now leading a Bible study for guys in the drug rehab program at Lighthouse on Monday mornings. I'm excited about that too.

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