Monday, May 5, 2008

Matthew 19:16-30

Wow! I saw Matthew 19:16-30 (The Rich Young Ruler) in a whole new light today! Actually I saw it in the way people have always explained it to me, but I never could see it the way that they were trying to explain. I realize now why. God never let me see it the way I'm about to explain because He wanted me to take it literally first. So, I sold my possessions, well actually gave most of them. Some remain up in Michigan. Finally, I've seen this passage as it's meant to be seen. Really, this passage is not about the possessions, though it was in this particular man's case as well as in my case. It's about Jesus painting an impossible ethic so that we must trust God for salvation and the ability to do this ethic. This man was too in love with his possessions and if he'd trusted Jesus, he would have been justified before God and He would have been enabled then to believe and obey his commands such as giving up all his possessions. God can do anything! God can even do this for me! It's not always about the possessions. It's not meant to be a legalistic requirement, but rather a test to see if one will leave all to follow Jesus. If one hears preaching about idols in their life and something comes to mind, God may be speaking about that. Anything which keeps us from following Jesus is a possession which has to go. If it's one's material possessions, God may call that one to give up all material possessions.

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