Monday, May 5, 2008

Some more journal entries, lessons, and insights

8 April 2008

I'm going to do some things way out of my comfort zone today. I'm going to fast and I'm going to sit all day instead of being busy going from place-to-place. I'm going to practice listening. I ask You to stir up my prophetic anointing. Stir up the Spirit of God in me and my ears to hear. I've heard You interpret the Scripture to me; open my ears to hear You that I might wqalk according to the words I've received and speak Your words into different lives.
Today's been good. I decided not to work the system today, but to sit, rest, wait and watch. I hadn't even been doing that long before a brother bought me coffee and another brother came by to give me some rice to eat. A. J., the one who gave rice is a prodigy who speaks 6 languages fluently and won the Lexington Chess Championship a few years back. It's so cool to be a subject of love and God's provision, not working the programs which are impersonal and more focused no results than love. Sit back and watch the wonders which God can do.

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