Saturday, May 10, 2008

Word on the Street #7 (Weeks 7-8)

Brothers and Sisters,

I've had a a busy couple of weeks! This is why I did not send an update last week. Besides that, I felt the need to not be so religious with updates, lest I lose focus on my purpose for being out here on the streets. And by the way, I appreciate all accountability in what I'm doing from ya'll.

After spending a good 5-6 weeks feeling aimless and unsure of myself, I've had a very busy 2 week period involving a lot of different divine appointments and opportunities. I've been making an intentional effort to connect with more people who are already doing ministry out here in Lexington. I'm convinced that I need mentors to help me learn some of what street ministry looks like. I've also been helping lead a Bible study every Friday morning at The Lighthouse, I've started getting involved in the 12 step program there (which intersects a lot with the street culture), I've been going through my journal and reviewing what God's been teaching me and trying to organize it and piece it together in the interests of using it to help others after me, whether through a Bible study curriculum, book or whatever. A lot of that organizing is reflected in the Bible Insights section of my site, , and also in my blog and journal. Lastly, I've been working on a document which I'll soon post a link to on my site which seeks to accurately articulate the origins of God's word to me to come out here, my specific goals as articulated by God, what I've learned so far, and strategic insights. It will not be complete and will probably need to be added to in the future, but it will reflect where I'm at so far. This also reflects a lot of my journaling in a more organized fashion than it's laid out in my journal.

This weekend, I finally graduate from Asbury! I'm so excited, especially for the extra time to relax and be with my parents. It will be a great weekend.

I wish I could begin to tell all the stories from the past two weeks-there's too many! A book couldn't contain all the great works that God is doing in many lives including my own. I will try and get more journal entries including some of those stories posted though. Look for them and keep checking the site for updates!

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