Monday, July 7, 2008

Word on the Street #11

Beloved, I have had a hiatus recently as I returned to Michigan for almost 2 weeks. What a good time. It was great to see old friends and be with family, but I also realized how much I belong in Lexington, KY. I was so ready to return after those 2 weeks. As much as I love and miss Michigan, I could not be happy there unless God called me back there, even though some of my favorite people are there. I enjoyed the beach, and sitting on rooftops watching fireworks, speaking at my dad's church, and spending 2 a day in Cincinnati seeing the Creation Museum. That museum was my graduation gift from my parents and it was awesome. It's quite a facility they've built, dedicated to perpetuating a biblical worldview. It greatly informed my thinking and provided me with some great resources. Now, it's time to be back on the streets. So far, I do not know how much longer I'll do this, but I'm giving my time to building my faith and the faith of others, studying, and helping in every area that God brings me to. I know that in the short-term, I'm dedicated to this, and also to whatever the fruits of the Sunday night prayer meetings which I've been attending for a year and a half are. It's amazing to me how much God has protected those Sunday night prayer meetings in Wilmore. Several times I was on the verge of quitting them to stay on the streets in Lexington on Sunday, but God just hasn't let that happen. I'm so committed to praying every Sunday night with Derek and Anna-it's my first priority on Sunday night and it's rarely replaced with anything else. God must have something awesome planned with that. I do not know what it will be exactly, but I'll tell ya'll, this is how I feel: I feel like I'm sitting in a room that's pitch-black, or I'm blindfolded, but it's filled with treasure chests full of gold and riches. These prayer meetings I feel the same way like I'm sowing into something big and great that God has planned, but He hasn't unveiled my eyes or Derek's or Anna's eyes to any of it yet. I have my ideas of what it will look like, but God's plans are so much bigger and exciting. He never ceases to turn my world upside-down again. I've never found anything more exciting than knowing God and journeying with God. I hurt because so much of the world and so many of my friends are missing out! God's been answering a prayer of mine that I prayed several months back about feeling His pain for the homeless and knowing their suffering. I've been feeling it for months, but shying away from it our of fear. God showed me last Sunday as I drove past Phoenix Park in our church van that I should embrace the pain I feel every time I see the homeless in that park because I'm completing the suffering of Jesus as He was on the cross and it should drive me to prayer. God is showing me HIS love, HIS compassion, HIS pain and suffering regarding the poor and downtrodden, the enslaved and oppressed. Faith is the basis for all success in life. He who does not stand in faith will not stand at all (Isaiah 7:9). Firm foundations of faith, built on Jesus Christ will stand the greatest tests, but they take time to build. Sow into and cultivate that firm foundation so that your faith will endure to the end when God takes you from the earth. This is the season I'm in-24/7 building-up my faith so I'll have a firm foundation to stand on in this evil world. I invite all who have a heart for the great risk and adventure of knowing God to join me on this journey of faith. You will never make the journey successfully without being armed with faith. "I AM" will turn your world upside-down,Nathan Rickard

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