Monday, August 18, 2008

Word on the Street #13

Some new things are brewing. I see some things on the horizon in my spirit and I'm excited. I don't even exactly know what they are. I don't know if it means that I'm coming off the streets, although it certainly seems like it will. After almost 5 months out here, God's revelation and presence still seems fresh and His mercies and blessings are new every morning. Amen! I'm seeing in such a clear and awesome way God's leading by faith in my life and it's so simple! It's so very simple. Anything that was so difficult before was because of my overly analytical mind and my Thnatural human fears. The Christian life is so very simple (but not always easy). Tat's it! At this point, faith is all I have to lean on, because I have 0% of my future planned, absolutely zero. Do I have plans and thoughts and expectations? Absolutely! Do I know for sure what's going to happen? Nope! And that's ideal. I'm so excited. For 1.5 years, I've been praying every Sunday night with 2 of my closest friends with no end in sight. Some Sundays are incredibly boring and others are lit up by the fire of the Spirit of God. God is always present, but sometimes He shrouds Himself to test us and teach us that it has nothing to do with emotion and feelings and everything to do with the fact that He is present where He's being worshipped in spirit and in truth. That's what the Word says. Even though we have very little insight into where these weekly prayer meetings are going, we have the assurance that God has planted a seed, just as He did in Sarah in her old age through Abraham, and He's going to birth an Isaac in our midst for we are children not of flesh, but children of the promise. God has promised us something and we feel it deep in our spirits, and we know He'll deliver. Amen! Do we have any idea what the promise is? A little bit that God has used to encourage us and keep us going, but He's kept most of it veiled and He'll unleash it at just the right time. We know that God wants to launch us in ministry/church together, but we just don't know all that it will look like. I'm so committed to this Sunday night prayer meeting, that I daresay that all else in my life right now is preparing me for that and feeding into that! This church body on Sunday nights is more primary to me in some ways than all the other regular fellowships with the Church that I have, although the various other bodies are so instrumental in there own right too. We are so very stoked to see what God has in mind.

Pray that nothing, including no desires of my flesh, will take me off the streets of Lexington. The only thing that can lead me from the streets is faith, for I follow faith alone. God is doing some new things and leading in new directions, but He hasn't told me to leave the streets yet. Praise Him though, he continues to provide places for me to stay quite regularly, an ongoing supply of finances, and some amazing Christians who constantly uplift me. I hope that I minister to them as much as they minister to me! Pray as God has been teaching me about spending myself on His Church and giving myself to others. It's not a mindset I'm used to, because I'm actually quite selfish, even in my spiritual life. Pray as I'll be in West Virginia this weekend helping with a building project, in Wilmore this next week to hammer out a document with Derek regarding direction and vision for a church/ministry which God is starting, and in Washington DC next weekend for a day of prayer and fasting for the nation. I have an active couple of weeks coming up. I wish I could include everything which is happening. You all are priceless to me and I love and appreciate you all very much.

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