Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Radio Interview Miracle!

Beloved in Jesus,

Today, I was interviewed by Anne Stephens for her radio show, "Sonshine Today" which will air this Saturday at 10 am on 99.1 (sorry for those of you not in Lexington). I did not just write this to advertise about this radio interview. I write to testify to a miracle of God which happened today as a result of this.

Anne uses Adobe Audition 1 to record these radio interviews and has been for several years. We did the 30 minute interview and it was awesome. She actually told me that it was one of the best interviews she'd done. God was all over it. And then, we recorded another five minute story which we wanted to edit into this as well. The tragedy came when Anne, as she was talking to me, accidently saved this 5 minute segment by the same name as the original 32 minute segment, and before our eyes, the original interview was overwritten and lost, just like that. She tried to undo and searched her whole computer for the original and it was nowhere to be found. We called computer techs who told us that we couldn't do anything about it. They gave a few suggestions, but none of them worked. We prayed for recovery of the file and didn't see any hope of that happening.

Over the next few hours, new files started popping up and we were lost as to what they were. She checked a couple and they were just the same 5 minute section which overwrote the original interview. They were all under my name, but sequentially with numbers 1-5. Then, on top of all this confusion, the computer shut down without any warning on her and she had to reboot it. This all happened while I was at church tonight. I came back from church and we prepared to sit down and redo the interview. She deleted "Nathan 5.wav" and I suggested she check numbers 1-4 just to make sure of what they were. Each one was the 5 minute section...except for number 4. "Nathan 4.wav" was the original interview! Numbers 2-5 were spontaneous files based off of Nathan 1.wav which was the 5 minute segment which had overwritten the original interview, and yet number 4 had the original interview on it! There's no possible way this could have happened!

If you're in Lexington area, tune in on Saturday at 99.1 FM for the miracle interview!

Praise be to God!

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