Thursday, October 30, 2008

The New Holocaust

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Abortion is blatantly evil. It is murder. It is fueled by a culture of convenience, self-gratification and death. It is perpetuated by the religion of Humanism. Do not be blinded by so-called progress, change and intellectualism. Do not be tricked by rhetoric and charisma. Murder has always been murder and it's never been right, no matter how it is argued, to take a human life.

I cannot force anyone to vote any certain way, but I can inform the conscience and I call people to terms. Do not vote for Obama's extremism, especially pertaining to the murder of babies. He will hurt our country and take away everything about America that is distinctive. He will discard our roots, for the Humanism of the world. He will introduce economic policies which look dangerously socialistic. And we cannot handle the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan like someone seasoned in such matters like John McCain.

Vote carefully. We will all be held accountable one day.

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