Tuesday, October 7, 2008

There must be more than this...

There must be more than this. If all there is to Christianity is getting "saved" and then everything is great, you go to church, you witness a little bit, you go to prayer meetings and experience the "fire of God", you keep sinning "only occasionally", but it's okay because it's less than before, you get baptized in the Holy Spirit and prophesy and speak in tongues and you get excited about theology; if we are content with how things currently are, then Christianity is false and no person should have the audacity to say that Christianity is unique among the religions of the world or that it's a relationship with God. If all of the above is it, a few events that happen in our lives, then Jesus is dead and Christianity is a hoax.

WE MUST HAVE MORE! We are talking about the resurrection power of God, actually and literally raising people from the dead. We are talking literally about ETERNITY and about a literally ALL-POWERFUL God. How can we continue walking as we walk?

God, give us grace for we are so limited in our capacity and weak in our desire for more. John tells us that all who continue in sin are children of the devil. Is our God strong enough to cleanse us totally from sin? If not, then our God is dead. Is our God strong enough to save us totally from the condemnation that is our destiny if we are not in Jesus? If not, then our God is dead. If Christianity is just another religion, then Christianity is a hoax an it's dead. God, you are giving us a season to learn how to always abide in Christ, thus making absolutely NO provision for the flesh. He who is in Jesus cannot be charged with any sin, nor can he commit any sin.

Now, let's come down to earth for a moment of encouragement since I made bold statements. They are true and they don't need qualification, but I want to be encouraging for a moment. If any of us are in sin at this moment, we can repent and come into Jesus. The ideal I expressed above is real, but it takes time and God's timing is different from ours. The moment that God has given to us to enter into this truth is the moment of our lives on earth. So be encouraged and press in, for Jesus Himself is our Advocate. The above must become true of His Church. The Church needs to be able to say with Jesus, "If you've seen me, you've seen the Father." This is a truly mature and apostolic church. Do not fear, but fear God and believe God to produce this in our midst.

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