Thursday, October 30, 2008

Words from the Journey 2.1

Beloved in Jesus,

I am beginning a new series of updates because of an ever-developing chapter that has begun. Welcome to Word on the Journey Volume 2, Number 1.

I am no longer living on the streets, but living in a transition phase which has been happening over the past month or so. While I enjoyed the fruit of the experience on the streets and certainly see the purpose of it, I'm so relieved that the Lord has led me on. Living homeless is not fun. It was necessary for the time being for me to live by faith and release myself to God in life. You could almost call it a rite of passage from childhood and a life of reliance upon my parents, to adulthood and a life led by faith and not sight, by the words of God and not my own rationale. I have set the course for the rest of my life and thinking by taking this first step. No matter what the circumstances look like and no matter what any person thinks, I live according to what faith tells me and not according to anything else. That's humanism and it's the way this world thinks (and unfortunately, many Christians who may mean well live according to it).

I certainly learned a lot about how the homeless and other social outcasts think, I learned much about myself and much about reaching broken people. I hope to see how this time will affect me in the future, especially when I make reaching out a regular thing again. I no that reaching out and serving others needs to be a permanent fixture in our lives, but I also am seeing the wisdom in the current phase of laying solid foundations for that to happen, that foundation being the fellowship I'm praying with in Wilmore. They are such a strategic part for God's plan in my life and the future ministry God is leading us into. I'm excited to be giving myself currently to working odd jobs and part-time work for financial provision and giving myself to this fellowship and to seeking God. I am still living with the my friend in Lexington whom I'm serving by doing some handyman work. It's been a good situation and mutually beneficial in the way of encouragement and lot's of good fellowship in the Lord, and in prayer. Anne has such a heart for God and so much ministry experience so talking with her has been so valuable.

One of the most recent interesting pieces of news lately has been that about two weeks ago I took a youth pastor out to the streets for 2 days. He lived as a homeless man and I returned to homelessness at the last weekend of October. It wasn't fun and I only did it for him, but I'm not complaining; it was good. And it was really good for him. It's so funny; his wife was about 9 months pregnant when he went out and the night before we went out, Anne and I prayed she'd go into labor so that I wouldn't have to return to the streets! But, it didn't happen and so back to the streets I went. My friend was just ripped up about the situation down there in Lexington and his eyes were definitely opened. We had a fun time. I must say that I think I have had a falling out with one of my friends down there, Kevin. Pray for him. He's in a lot of deception and needs the truth of Christ to shine in and take him over. Pray that amends and reconciliation would be made between us where necessary.

I have had a couple speaking engagements that have been loads of fun and I'm doing temporary work. I'm looking to apply for some substitute teaching and some other options too. I have asked the Lord about full-time permanent work and He has not released me to do that yet. It seems that He wants to keep my schedule pretty free for the time being.

I about 2 weeks, I head to San Diego for 2 days with Derek and Anna as well as one of Anna's friends. We're going there to the Call, to pray and fast for the state of California. That will be fun times. I'm also praying about some opportunities for next summer with Derek and Anna overseas. Nothing official, we'll see.

Pray for me as I seek to become financially stable again. This is becoming a very important issue right now, not to be anxious or afraid about, but just to address and be serious about. I know God will always provide.

I also ask for prayers for my continuing fellowship with Derek and Anna. God is drawing us closer to one another and Him. He's calling us into true wholeheartedness and holiness. We believe that He has called us to walk in these things on a new level. God has made us some pretty incredible and tangible promises that are impossible for us to produce. Partner with me in prayer for God to release these things in our midst. We want to receive all of His promises by faith.

Pray for God's continued work downtown. I have friends down there who have seemed to pick up where I've left off and been very successful about it. I won't say names because this friend wouldn't want me to mention him, but pray for him and praise God for God's work in his heart. He's doing a very good job and really going even farther than I did when I was among these people. Thanks my friend (you know who you are) and blessings!

Thanks for your continued support and love,


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