Thursday, November 6, 2008

Response to You Tube Comments and the like regarding Abortion

1. I/We (naterick23 and the lady, the one also broadcasting on my channel) do not hate anyone . Do not accuse us of hate because we have expressed a concern about morality. Calling abortion morally wrong is not hate speech. It's just a truth statement. Writing comments that include profanity and put-downs is more in the line of hate.

2. Please do not label us self-righteous or hypocritical. Those terms are way over-used by people who are angry at Christians and they're used without much thought. Why do I say this? Because nobody is self-righteous except God himself! Even Jesus said that! All of us whether Christian or not are born evil and selfish. Nobody is claiming to be better than anybody. Only in Jesus can anybody be righteous. We're all on equal ground, friends. I establish this so that you understand that we're not talking down to you because we have no right to. We're wicked people who are only learning to become righteous through Jesus and God's mercy through Him. And by the way, you can too!

1. We're only proclaiming God's agenda, and not our own. We don't want control and power! We want people to be truly liberated and free and God gave us the principles in his Scripture on how to do that. God's agenda is the key to our pleasure and happiness! God has more of an appetite for real pleasure than any of us! He's the creator of pleasure. We settle for so much less!

See abortion in light of the above: God's not inhibiting us by forbidding the murder of people. He makes laws for our good! He loves us so much! He wants us to happy. He likes to be around us!

I want to reply to an individual that agreed with the idea that abortion is terrible, but thought that each person should still have a choice. I agree! And no person, no matter who they are or how much power they have can take our choice away because God created us with it. Unfortunately, we've distorted the fundamental meaning and purpose of law in the process. Law does not give humans rights! It restrains evil! Law shows people the difference between what is right and wrong at the most fundamental level. It cannot ever save us from our problems and it's not meant to. What I'm saying, in effect then, is that certainly we have a choice, but the type of choice you're asking for is a choice without the negative consequences but that is not how law and authority works. Every decision has consequences. Law establishes right from wrong and when law takes something that is wicked and calls it "good," it ceases to be law and causes "lawlessness" which results in chaos. Abortion is just such an issue where law has taken something wicked and called it good. That is the problem.

God is NOT Democrat or Republican. If he was, he wouldn't have let Obama win, would he? So in other words, God has a purpose for putting Obama in office. Does that mean that God approves of all of Obama's views? Of course not! So does that mean that God endorses McCain's views? Of course not! God is not on anyone's side! God is not a lobbyist for a certain agenda! God is on his own side. For goodness sakes, he's God! That's why none of us can claim our own self-righteousness which suggests that God is on our side! He's only on his own side. My friend and I are not calling for anyone to conform to us. God is calling all of us, including my friend and I to conform to him.

Well, that's a good response for now to the big comments on abortion. I'll try and hit up some of your individual comments too. Ask me any questions if you have any.

Peace and love ya'll,

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