Sunday, December 14, 2008

Get Out of Your Box and let go of Low-Life

I went into this journey with Jesus a little skeptical, but I have embarked on the greatest adventure of life that has taken me everywhere, from China, to Brazil, to homelessness on the streets. I have not seen it all, but I have seen a lot. Only God could orchestrate such a symphony of highs and lows, joys, tears, and pain. No symphony is complete without the suffering.

Only Jesus could convince me to graduate from college with a degree and yet not set out a single resume', but instead give everything away and live among homeless people as one of them for almost five months. Only Jesus could orchestrate taking me with no job or or regular income over the past year to pray in San Diego and in Washington D.C. on two different occasions. Only Jesus could lead me to where I'm living now and miraculously provide for all my needs. Only Jesus fulfilled the prophecies, only Jesus heals bodies, only Jesus brings the dead to life, literally and physically even!

Only Jesus freed me from depression and the fear of what people think. Only Jesus has made me confident in myself. Only Jesus has justified me with a God that demands and creates perfection in His children. Jesus is the only way to God. This is not my opinion, but a fact. Being a fact, it's not arrogant for me to state it as such. Jesus actually raised from the dead. No other religion can make such a claim.

My life has surpassed my wildness dreams so far. Jesus did more with me than I thought I'd ever give him permission to do. Do you want to be blown away? Do you want to have your life rocked?

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