Monday, January 26, 2009

The Longing

He is.

A fountain of living water flows.

He is…


He is…

The first pilgrim, perfected in His humility.

He is…

The One that has called my name and I cannot resist.

Nothing will hold me back.

I want Him.

I want Him.

His vibrant voice envelopes me and terrifies me.

I cannot resist the gift He offers.

I am…

In love.

I am…

Persevering fearlessly to receive the gift of Himself.

I am…

A nothing who wants everything.

I am…

Lovesick for life.

Fainting for this real-life fantasy.

Ravenous for reality.

Dying for real passion.

Longing for the legacy of the Man to be found in me.

I will go to great lengths to die

That I might be made alive

Truly and fully living

In liberation to the utmost

Bound by nothing

Released to Everything

Even to the realm of infinite impossibility

For greater is He that is in me

Than He that is in the world.

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