Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Recent Miracle

Some of you know that I was planning on going to China this summer to teach English over there. Some of you may not have known that. But anyway, that was the plan. During the month of June, things started looking shady regarding that trip because of the occurence of H1N1. Finally, near the end of June, the trip was canceled just as we had suspected. Over the time that we had been planning for the trip (some other friends going with me), several had donated money to the trip, though we had not done any overt fundraising other than one fundraiser that had been suggested to us. By the time people had finished donating to it, we had raised about $730 toward it. Once the trip was canceled, I began to check with people regarding the use of the money. Each one told me to keep it for future ministry opportunities. Fast forward...

The church youth group at the congregation I attend was headed for Puerto Rico on a mission trip this summer. A new kid in the church was planning on going on this trip. One week before the trip, he was short a lot of money and I was talking with him one Sunday while his mom was talking to another lady in the church. While we were talking, this other lady, whom I did not even know and she did not even know me pointed to me in the middle of her conversation with this kid's mom over the financial need and said, "That guy is going to help you. Go talk to him now (she has a tendency to hear from God)." So this kid's mom came over and talked to me. I had no idea what she was talking about, but I said I'd pray about it. You can pretty much guess what happened. This kid needed $750 and it hit me the next day as I counted the money up from China, that I had almost that exact amount. I knew immediately that God wanted that money to send this kid to Puerto Rico, so that's what we did. In addition, God had told me friend who was part if the China trip with me that He would do financial miracles of that sort with us.

God's ways never cease to amaze me!

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