Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Foundation of Love

God, what will it take to reinforce the truth to me?  I keep trying to be a doer instead of getting the foundations correct.  The foundation is love.  The foundation is rest and believing Jesus.  The foundation is faith which is received.  If I could just KNOW that and stop succumbing to the temptation to DO because “it’s expected of me” or something.  I don’t live out of obligation.  On the contrary, I want to have sweet expectation of what YOU will do, and not me.  In the moment that I do something, I’ll know and it will flow freely as a consequence and result of  my faith.  I want to get this right Jesus, and not waste my life.  You go above and beyond towards me, and I can best go above and beyond towards you by RECEIVING Your good gifts.  You’ve told me over and over.  I feel spiritually right now like I did yesterday with the furniture I scratched up when I delivered it.  I’m told not to be too hard on myself, but I think, “How else will I learn?”  It was a stupid mistake that I knew better about, and the same here.

Where does the power of consistency come from?  I do not seem to walk in it very well at all.

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