Friday, April 16, 2010

Violently Standing on God's Promises and Taking the Kingdom by Force

God have mercy, I barely practice this truth. I have experienced it just a little bit though. God, have mercy and grant that we, the Church could walk as those who KNOW what You've done for us and so we respond by laying hold of the Kingdom by force, violently standing on Your promises which You've given. There is a place of spiritual violence. It is NOT violence against people or Your creation, but it is violence in the spiritual realm against principalities and powers that seek to seize away the seed of God's Word, His promises to His people. This is the place of spiritual warfare: the spiritual realm. It demands a spiritual tenacity that certainly does not come naturally to me. God, we must receive Your grace to walk in such a way.

I have experienced this most in the resistance of sin where I have had to be violent in my prayer life and violent in my leaning on God and His ability when everything in me wants to try hard by my own might and power. "Not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit, says the LORD." I have had to be violent against the spirit of damnation that always tries to seize my faith in God's grace away and base my status with God on my works. I have learned to be a little violent in some areas. How I long, as one who in his life has been more naturally timid and insecure, to be one who stands as a restful warrior in the spiritual. Anyone who learns how to stand in their spirit on God's promises, I guarantee you will see a natural consequence of authority and poise in their living before the world. And we must enter in to this. We must become fighters in these days. We must stand because a turbulence is coming to the earth that will shake everybody's confidence that is not grounded in an unshakable foundation.

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