Sunday, March 20, 2011

Great Disruption of Our Lives


I'm so afraid, but You command me not to fear. I come to Your name boldly and with confidence. Show me what it is to overcome and to have the downpayment of that in my soul-mind, will and emotions. I must have your sustenance. Otherwise, I will not stand in the day of the LORD. Where is the patience of Christ? Where is the confidence of Christ? Where are the fruits of righteousness? Where are the fruits of faith? Where is the grace of God? You are good and full of mercy! You are good and full of mercy! You are good and full of mercy! The day of Your wrath comes slowly, for You are slow to anger! Your are patient, that we might repent! Your anger is but for a moment, but Your mercy endures forever. You show Your favor to us and sometimes rebuke. I shall not walk in hopelessness or fear! Father, in the name of Jesus deliver me from a spirit of mockery toward Your coming. Break my agreement with it and fill me with Your Spirit of expectancy, sustained by Your fury and Your joy over me! I do not feel that I can hold on any longer now! What about in that day? You will ultimately disrupt our lives and You will not ask permission. Something in our spirits says, "Our American dream and way of life is the way it ought to be and it cannot be taken from us. It is not right that our comfort and peace and way of life be taken from us. Surely God will not disrupt all that we hold dear and the incredible peace we feel right now."

Father, you have declared war on this selfish mindset that has no root in truth and yet our souls are in agreement with it. Disruption is coming and a new kingdom is coming. It's coming with force. We can either be ready to receive the coming kingdom with open arms, or we can be in denial now and be caught off guard when it breaks in. You have told us that the only worthy work which we can do in this life is to believe on Your Son, Jesus. All of the other emotions, mindsets, choices and actions which we live in based on any other premise are ill-placed in something that is only dust which will be blown away with the coming of God's kingdom by force. Any other work other than the work of believing Jesus and all of who He is as expressed in the Bible (that is, placing faith in it) is a waste of time with no lasting value.

Father, will you sustain our hearts? We do not have what it takes and we are not ready. Can we depend on the great anointing which we believe is coming? Can we depend on Your promise that those who want righteousness will fully mature into it? Can we respond confidently in the fear of the LORD as You intend that we might know only one comfort, the comfort of Your holy Spirit? Any other comfort is a false comfort, a salve and a band-aid that only covers a deep wound which Your Spirit alone can apply healing to. We, Your remnant do not cop-out of this life You have placed us in. We do not turn back in fear. Did Jesus turn back in fear? We do not accuse You of injustice in Your anger. We do not hold offense at Your words, for You are justified in Your words, Your rebukes, and Your judgments. Without holiness, no man shall see the LORD. We come confidently believing that You will fulfill in us what You are requiring of us. We eat the "bitter-tasting scroll." We receive the harsh words of Your prophets and we build our foundation on Your words, with Christ as our Cornerstone. We refuse the temptation of offense, but we will rejoice in righteousness.

Our only hope remains Jesus. Oh, that we would align our thinking with Jesus' thinking (read the Bible), and align the emotions of our heart with Your emotions (praying the Bible and receiving Your emotions what You have revealed through Your Word), and align our choices totally with the choices Jesus made in His relationship with You. May our work, our play, our preparation, our relationships, our obedience, our submission, our thoughts, and our ways of conducting our lives be completely aligned with You. We argue that we cannot do it, but You have vowed that You will do this in the remnant of people who fully commit their hearts to You. You are determined and able and You will do this.

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