Sunday, March 27, 2011

Not Nathan's Way, God's Way (Only One, Pt. 2)

This has been a years-long epiphany to me and there are so many people I want to shake and wake up with this, but that's something that only the Spirit of God can do. I mentioned a coworker in the previous entry who seems to epitomize many of the attitudes that I see many people in the world carry, but this coworker refuses to see what I'm trying to say. This coworker and another person I once talked with both said the same thing when I started talking about Jesus. Both accused me of self-righteousness and said, "How can your way be the only way?" In addition they added that they believe in God or Jesus in their own way. They have their own way to practice faith. I wanted to slap them awake so bad, not in anger or bitterness to hurt them, but it's like I wanted them to see what they were really saying, because I cannot count the number of times I have explicitly told them that I have no self-righteousness in and of myself, that only Jesus is self-righteous and that "Nathan's way" of practicing faith will lead me to hell just as much as their way of practicing faith will lead them to hell. IT'S NOT ABOUT FINDING OUR OWN WAY TO GOD, PEOPLE. WE CANNOT CREATE A WAY TO GOD. MY GOAL IS NOT TO FIND MY WAY BUT TO PUT "NATHAN'S WAY OF UNDERSTANDING GOD" IN THE GRAVE, NEVER TO RETURN. "NATHAN'S WAY" NEEDS TO DIE. THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY TO GOD AND IT CAN ONLY BE FOUND WHEN ALL OF US PUT OUR SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS IN THE GRAVE FOREVER AND DIE TO IT SO THAT WE CAN HAVE JESUS' WAY! I do not know how I can say it more explicitly. I just want to trumpet this truth to the world somehow.

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