Monday, April 4, 2011

Personal Legend and Destiny

God is bringing a brand new expression of Christianity to the earth that is rooted in the ancient; another time, another age. The God of Israel is exalting Himself over all nations once again. The day is coming when the nations will flock to Zion because the wellspring of all life and wisdom resides their and we'll turn to the completed Jews who have received Yeshua as their Messiah and we will ask them to teach us His ways. God is raising up John the Baptist and Elijah like people who will walk in the capacity of the Spirit of God who prepares the way of the LORD. They will prepare the earth and God's Church for Yeshua's second coming. They will preach and proclaim a message that brings DIVISION to the earth, because what they say will be like a sword cutting between spirit and soul, making all things black and white; plain, so that they will be seen for what they are. By the word of God preceding from their mouths, they will raise high the valleys and make low the mountains to prepare a highway for our God and coming king who will arrive on a white horse to conquer the nations and establish the kingdom of God on earth. His name is Yeshua. The demonstration of the word of God through them will divide between the wheat and the chaff, the lamb and goat. Signs and wonders in the heavens above and the earth below are coming, apostles and prophets are being raised up across the earth and a sleeping church is starting to awaken and prepare for a day of reckoning on the earth. A sleeping church will be raised up into God's prevailing and victorious church. The winds of awakening and revival are beginning to blow. The dividing word of God which is coming will bring in great revival and apostasy as it divides between wheat and chaff, making plain who is God's and who is not. Foundations must be established and the message of His imminent coming proclaimed. The Church must return to its apostolic and prophetic foundations (Eph. 2:20). The Church must come to a full embrace of the whole council of God in His Word, eating and consuming the Book He's given us, and embodying us. We must allow the Spirit of God to actively and intimately weave the Word into our DNA. We need to encounter God's Spirit of wisdom and revelation that wisdom and revelation would characterize our spirits as we abide in intimate relationship with Him. We must contend and prepare to receive fresh infilling of His holy Spirit. We must position our hearts before God to receive what His Spirit is saying to us right now. We must be ready for what is coming.

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