Monday, May 9, 2011

Spiritual Emphysema

So the craziest thing happened tonight, something very atypical for my times of prayer. I was confused about some things and so I said to the LORD, "LORD, I just need to see something." So I closed my eyes, focused, and in my imagination I saw myself hacking, coughing, and with shortness of breath, having trouble breathing. I was not sure what this could mean, although I know that breathing and breath are related to the Holy Spirit (see the original Greek and notice that spirit and breath come from the same word; they are pictured together). And then the words "spiritual emphysema" came to my mind. I was not sure if I was being random or the LORD was trying to speak to me, but I hopped on the internet to look up first "emphysema" and then "spiritual emphysema." Lo and behold, there are actually people online who write about "spiritual emphysema" and I was amazed at what I found! In short, God has shown me some truth this weekend about myself, that I must confront. Just another everyday encounter, where God is speaking through everything!

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