Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Prayer for the True People of God: The Audacity to Never Be Discouraged


I believe that we imperfect and hypocritical people will boldly approach Your throne in the name of Jesus whom You gave for us and I have the audacity to believe that the impossible requirements which You require of us You will fulfill in us by Your grace alone. I believe that You will take Your people, weak and imperfect but they trust You, and place them on the narrow path that few ever find (Mt. 7:13-14), and then You will make that narrow path a wide highway under their feet, so that they would not stumble off of it (Ps. 18:36). Thank You LORD, that You do the impossible and actually perfect people for Your kingdom. Thank You that we have only to endure to the end, because those who do will be perfected and saved. When we can do no else, just let us hold on.

Your boy,


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Vern said...

If we trust and never doubt, He will surely brng us out. (that little song) Sometimes it is all we can do to simply hold onto that thought. To not give up under some circumstances and conditons is possible only because of His undying love for us. Thanks for sharing, Nathan. You are awesome in Him!